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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  June 11, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> gary:the warriors. probably need to win tonight in cleveland. >> gary:steph curry still smiling today at shootaround despite being down 2-1 >> gary:david lee finally played in game 3 and helped fuel their comeback expect him to be more of a factor >> gary:andre iguodala has also been really good off the bench but they need harrison barnes and draymong green to knock down shots >> gary:but most of it will come down to curry who's shot under 40% in the finals but caught fire in the 4th quarter of game 3 >> gary:here's curry and steve kerr >> i detest to be my best. --i just have to be my best. >> you put your mind to it you can do anything in the world. keep the state. -- keep the faith.
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>> gary: they have not let with the exception of game 1. >> pam: no one has been in the finals. with the exception of lebraun. and that is a bit only. i would not be surprised if the one tonight >> gary: i would not be surprised if they won tonight. >> gary: the gary is that with a lot more analysis.
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>> pam:a number of warrior fans have made the 24- hundred mile trip across the country. to cheer on the team. >> pam:while most have shelled out a lot of money to see the dubs play in their first n-b-a finals in forty- years. one lucky fan did not have to spend a penny. >> pam:kron 4's j.r. stone joins us live from cleveland with that story. j.r? >> reporter: that is how much the the prize was worth at $12,000! you can hear the music behind me. it is allowed. it is rocking outside of quebec alone or arena. --quicken loans ar ena >> they sent us out here
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creek last minute we had to get to work but we are here. >> had to take a picture. i do not think we would land creek but look at as we are in cleveland. they fill up out and with a hotel. --they flew us out here and we have a hotel. >> reporter: be used to try a lottery ticket? >> as i already tried. >> i thought that it was a scam. >> i said no, do not try it and maybe a scam but look at
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is we are here. >> reporter: while they were walking down the street he and his girlfriend they were getting booed like no other. nevertheless they said they would take it to be here at the national basketball association finals. j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: it is not quite 'do or die' for the warriors. but for fans it feels that way. kron 4's will tran is in cleveland. he tracked down an n-b-a insider who reminds us all. now is not the time to panic. >> reporter: this is how you track someone down. you say their name very loudly in front of everyone. >> reporter: ahmad rashad used to be a sideline reporter and game. are you surprised that they are
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struggling? >> know but it is not over with. we will see what happens. >> reporter: i know that you know your basketball. they keep referring to memphis but methods does not have lebraun james. >> you set it right. it meant this does not have lebraun he is playing on a different level. >> if they play their game and not try to match the cavaliers. just get out and spread the floor and broke it up there like they do permit--and throw it up there like they do. >> this fan since so what? they have proven time and time again that they can come back it almost seems as
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if they preferred to come back from that type of situation. >> reporter: you have eight opinions on the finals?--do you have an opinion >> yes, i do. >> they have the best fans and you cannot help but respect them. >> grant: sha lively and friendly twitter fued has emerged in san francisco symphony and the cleveland orchestra. >> grant:the musicians in ohio started it. antonio sah-lee-er-ee >> grant: so if you know a little bit about that movie
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amadeus or the music then you will get it. the other wanted to wait welcome to the court of king james can you handle it? the big messiah. >> classical hoops. >> thanks for the out of tune officiating. >> nice tweet that the orchestra. >> grant: has seen a lot pictures from the bay area. she looked at all of them. some adults and children animals and we get the whole bit of it and love to see your spirit you can also
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tweet us i do not care if you are a side by the golden gate bridge or inside at a game. we would love to see your pictures... >> pam: it is a place that no parent would ever want to be - but it is what is confronting a vallejo mother right now. >> pam: the son of jamie rusk. was murdered last month. >> pam: and tonight, rusk talks only to kron four news, about her struggle to deal with her loss, and how she is re-arranging her entire life, so she can follow the murder trial for her son. >> it is a living hell. >> reporter:jamie rusk's world has changed forever. instead of putting plans together for her sons' upcoming birthday, she is here at this fairfield court house. on this thursday, she was attending, the hearing for the two suspects charged with murdering her son max. >> i never thought for his
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18 birday, he wouldn't be here, i never thought he would be dead at 17. >> reporter:max was found dead of a gun shot wound on a trail just down from his highschool jesse bethel in vallejo hundreds went to the funeral. >> reporter: it was an outpouring - everyone came everyone loved max, it is horrible he was shot in the head. >> reporter:jamie says these days it is hard to pick up the pieces and go one with life. >>i run myself into the ground. i cry, a lot. i am anxious, depressed. >> reporter:she says it is difficult to sit in court and see the families of the two suspects - she says no one has reached out to her and both sides refused to talk with kron four news. as for jaime she says the only peace she gets these days is from family support and going to >> i go to the grave. i know he is not there, but i can feel him from afar.
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>> reporter:will you be at all the hearings? oh yes. >> pam: san francisco police are looking for two men who they say, robbed a gas station last month. and almost killed the clerk behind the counter. >> pam: these are pictures from surveillance cameras. you can see one of the suspects pictured there. >> pam: police say, on may 19th. two men walked into the shell station on harrison and 8th streets. >> pam: they began to talk to the clerk. then pulled out a gun and demanded money. >> pam: police say, the clerk ran out of the station. and one of the suspects chased him. about five shot were fired at the clerk but he wasn't injured. >> pam: the men quickly got into a car and sped off. police believe there could be a third suspect. >> pam: an early morning robbery in san francisco's mission district was unusual -- in part because of what happened to one of the suspects.
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>> pam: catherine heenan is here with the details. >> catherine: police say that as two men were getting away after an armed robbery near 23rd and bartlett --- one of the suspects somehow >> catherine: shot himself and the late. --leg >> catherine: the men are accused of holding up a 40- year-old man - and taking his wallet, smart phone and watch at gunpoint. >> catherine: police say that one of the men -- 18 - year-old jose jimenez - shot himself a minutes later.apparently while running away. it happened at 3-am -- and officers happened to be >> catherine: both men were arrested - and the teenager with the leg injury is expected to be ok.they face charges including robbery conspiracy, kidnapping and giving false identification. >> catherine: the man who was robbed was not injured. >> catherine: pam?
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>> pam: a potentially big change. coming to one of san francisco's busiest streets. >> pam: what drivers may not be able to do on market street soon. next at five. >> pam: plus. what you will no longer be able to find at san francisco general hospital soon. >> pam: and it is rattlesnake season. coming up. an expert shows us what you need to do. to keep your yard serpent free. >> diane: i will have your full forecast coming up just a moment!
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>> pam: a salinas man. beaten by police during his arrest last week, appeared in court today. jose velasco's appearance was connected to a parole violation. >> pam:this is video of the june 5-th incident involving velasco. which captured international attention. >> pam:that evening, he was arrested after several 9-1-1 calls. a passerby captured images of three officers striking velasco with batons while detaining him. outside court today, his tearful sister spoke to reporters. but the police chief says sometimes force is needed. >> are not saying that my brother is an angel in any shape or form but what we are saying is that he did not deserve that beating barrett and that is why we are standing up for. (cheers & applause)
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>>.the appropriate tool >> pam:police say velasco had been attacking his own mother and resisted arrest. the department says they are investigating the officers use of force. >> pam:his parole violation case was continued until next month. >> pam: grant? >> grant:in august.bicycles taxis and pedestrians along with transit vehicles.are all you'll see on busy market street in san francisco between third and eighth street. >> grant:private autos will no longer be able to turn on to the busy thoroughfare in those blocks. the new changes are expected to be enacted by the san francisco municipal transportation agency. >> grant:the new rules come
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in response to startling automobile collisions. >>market street, our most our safest streets. with a hundred and sixty two collisions involving motor vehicles in the last two years and four of the twenty most dangerous intersections for pedestrians are on this short stretch of market street between third and safety problem we have to something about. >> grant:while taxis will be permitted, private car services like lyft and uber will not. >> pam:san francisco general hospital is saying so long to soda. the city's major trauma center will stop offering sugary drinks anywhere on campus. >> pam:kron4's maureen kelly reports that the new initiative will affect both patients and staff. >> reporter: the bending machines here at s f o hospital still has kept secret that is coming to an and starting friday. due to the unhealthy an initiative that will pull everything except diet sodas, juice and milk. of course, patient
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meals dedicated as a place of healing they will like to stop offering drinks that are linked to poor health. >> from high or of the city to chronic disease like type 2 diabetes, a tooth decay or doubt heard the apartheid in its and stepping up our food or healthful the initiative. >> reporter: this customer hears this she only drinks water but she thinks: sweet drinks is going too far. >> is it going to upset the thrift some people do not drink water some people drink soda. >>is it being to posse
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ssive >> reporter: greets necks like candy bars will still be sold inside. for now only in certain areas creek eventually, snickers and other things similar will be replaced for something more healthier. >> pam: a two year old girl is recovering after being bitten by a rattlesnake in bay point tuesday. she is in stable condition at u-c-s-f benioff children's hospital in oakland. >> pam: doctors say she could be released today or tomorrow. the girl was in her backyard when the snake bit her. >> pam: fire crews were able to find the snake nearby. and the toddler was airlifted to the hospital. animal experts say it could be a particularly bad rattlesnake season because of the ongoing drought. >> pam: more animals are on the move - looking for water. and in the bay point area -- it's been mostly hot and dry.
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>> reporter: it is a dangerous job but someone has to do it. >> reporter:len ramirez has been wrangling rattlesnakes for nearly 30 years >> reporter:and tracking down one of these rambunctious reptiles is easy, think again. >>"a lot of the time they don't leave any evidence" >> reporter:on tuesday a toddler in bay point was bite on foot by a rattlesnake, that girl is expected to recover, len says it serves as a reminder that's it important to know what's lurking in your yard >> reporter:in addition the peak season drought has played a key role in rattle snake sightings.
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>> reporter: lee tells us that we are in the middle of rattlesnake season. it is not uncommon to pull several of these guys off some of their properties. >> this is an interesting year because it has been so dry and the temperatures are perfect for rattlesnakes right now and people are complaining to us on a regular basis. >> reporter: reported in santa rosa scott rates kron 4 news. >> diane: '60s and the peninsula. preparation for what we will experience tomorrow. as we get a running time and much time
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looking all of the writ locations indicating high 80s and 90s even. san jose, and concord. the daytime high you have peak areas with 100 degree mark separate easily livermore will get to 100. oakland and the east bay shoreline will be in the '80s and the peninsula and the high seventies. preparation to what is to come to my rope trick with a cold doubt benefit for the weekend and i will talk more about that in the upcoming forecast! >> pam: the head of twitter stepping down. what it means and who is taking over is next. plus. >> pam: >> pam: and facebook unveils its much anticipated virtual reality headset. kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate has a first look at it next.
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>> catherine: we knew that a recent hack of u.s.federal employees was bad -- but it turns out to be even worse than feared. >> catherine: a union representative says hackers stole personnel data >> catherine: and social security numbers for 'every single ' worker. >> catherine: and says it's far worse than the obama administration has acknowledged. millions of current and former employees are affected. >> catherine: hackers stole things including military records, addresses, birth dates, job and pay history, health and life insurance details - even pension information. >> catherine: senator harry reid - who is briefed on intelligence information - says the hack was carried out by "the chinese." >> catherine: the ceo of twitter is stepping down. goals.or growing the number of twitter users fast enough. he's officially stepping down as ceo july 1st.but will remain on the board. >> catherine: jack dorsey - one of the original founders
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of the company, will be the interim ceo until a replacement is found. gabe slate tech report >>gabe:you can play games with the rift with these wireless hand controllers that let you feel the virtual world. or use the free xbox 360 controller that will come with the gaming system. >> this is going to change everything. we have all been trimmed about this for decades. the filling of actually being there and actually believing that you are there will be your experience. it is that powerful creek you will be able to slip on the cobbles and teleport to a different world for the first time we will finally be inside the
5:27 pm
game. >> for one to take a virtual ban mean to the next level >>gabe:tune into kron 4 news tonight at 8pm i'll tell you what other plans facebook has for virtual reality it's not just gaming this could be the future of social media and all forms of entertainment. >>gabe: gabe slate kron 4 news. coming up, the intense >> pam: manhunt for two inmates. next at 5:30. the new lead that may help police close in on the escaped killers. and next. how a store owner turned the tables on a shoplifter. let's build a new, smarter bed using the dualair chambers to sense your movement, heartbeat, breathing. introducing the sleep number bed with sleepiq™ technology. it tracks your sleep and tells you how to adjust for a good, better and an awesome night. the difference? try adjusting up or
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at 5:30. >> pam: the sunshine returns to the bay area. and so are the warm temperatures. >> pam: we saw the 70's today. but triple digits temps are on their way. kron 4's diane tuazon is here with a look at the forecast. >> diane: temperatures are 10 degrees warmer compared to yesterday and it will
5:31 pm
only get hotter. tomorrow in fact with a five inland and 754 east bay shore line creek by 10 dropped 10 degrees to it with 55 degrees out in the coast. and by friday mostly sunny skies. >> diane: afternoon highs with 99 degrees and livermore. guaranteed and will reach 100 tomorrow. here is our weekend forecast, 99 average and that a cool down the effect will last for the rest of next week. i will have their full forecast coming up in just a moment! >> pam: there are new leads and fresh hopes tonight in the search for the two escaped killers in upsate new york. bloodhounds providing the latest clues to their whereabouts.
5:32 pm
>> pam: catherine heenan joins us with today's developments. catherine ? >> catherine: search dogs picked up a scent three miles from the clinton correctional facility. that's where richard matt and david sweat slipped away last saturday night. >> catherine: the hit touched off a massive air and ground search of a heavily wooded area south and east of the prison. it turned up possible bedding, food wrappers and a foot imprint from either a shoe or boot. >> catherine: as many as 5=hundred men and women have been combing through the five square mile search area. an adjacent stretch of state highway was shut down. >> catherine: local schools closed today and residents were warned to lock their doors and stay inside. robocalls asked people to leave their outdoor lights turned on to help authorities hunting the convicts. >>"we're looking underneath every rock, behind every tree, every structure until we catch these two" >> catherine: there is no shortage of rocks and trees in the adirondacks. but that does not make it a
5:33 pm
comfortable hiding place. >>"it's one of the largest parks in the us, including one of the most rugged terrains in the us./the temp even at night even in june we're still talking about hypothermic conditions. if they don't have the proper clothing i'm sure they're dehydrated malnourished, exhausted." >> catherine: the inmates' meticulous escape plan apparently did not involve surviving in the wilderness. >> catherine: this woman, prison worker joyce mitchell, may have planned to pick them up when they emerged from this manhole outside the prison. >> catherine: instead, she was hospitalized after reportedly suffering a panic attack. >> catherine: authorities have not charged her with a crime, and sources say she is cooperating with officials. >> catherine: they say joyce mitchell told investigators that one of the prisoners, richard matt, made her feel quote "special." >> catherine: but she did not specifically mention that she was in love. >> catherine: this is the first time anyone has
5:34 pm
escaped from the maximum- security dannemora prison since it opened in 1865. after six days, it's also now the longest jail break in new york history. >> catherine: the state corrections department says the longest previous escape lasted just three days. thirty inmates have succeeded in breaking out in the last decade. >> catherine: most were recaptured within six hours. >> pam: a virginia teen admits he helped support isis. 17-year-old ali shukri amin pleaded guilty today to providing material support. >> pam: these are sketches from inside the courtroom. amin was accused of helping an adult travel to syria to join the terror group. >> pam: as well as passing messages between isis contacts. a u-s attorney says the teen used social media to help the radical group gain financial support and possible new members. >> pam: they say in six months he gained four thousand twitter account. seven thousand tweets were documented in support of the group. amin faces up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced in august.
5:35 pm
>> pam: a woman who once dated aurora colorado theater shooter james holmes testified at his murder trial wednesday. holmes met gargi datta when he was in grad school, and they broke up in early 20- 12. >> pam: later that year police say he killed 12 people and midnight showing of "the dark knight." holmes admitted to the killings, and is pleading insanity. >> pam: in her cros- examination datta says she asked him to see a therapist months before the shooting. after he mentioned thoughts of killing people. >> pam: however she says his thoughts did not seem like a concrete threat. lawyers asked datta about holmes behavior at school. >> how was he at school? >> he was pretty close to off.
5:36 pm
>> did you see him interact and and initiate a conversation with anyone? >>.that i remember >> pam: the defense argues that holmes suffered a psychotic break. possibly due to the breakup with datta and stress from failing at school. >> pam: holmes also reportedly told datta about his desire to kill people. datta is expected to testify today about emails texts and voice messages she exchanged with holmes. >> pam: unfit to fly. that's what one doctor said about the germanwings pilot who is believed to have crashed fight 95-25 in march. >> pam: a french prosecutor said today that andreas lubitz feared he was going blind. >> pam: and went to see dozens of doctors about it. just in the month leading up to the crash the prosecutor says he saw seven doctors. >> pam: including a generalist ear nose and throat doctor, and a therapist. through interviews the prosecutor says lubitz told those close to him that if he went blind. life no longer had meaning. >> pam: a germanwings spokesman says they can't comment on the prosecutor's findings because of medical confidentiality.
5:37 pm
>> pam: grant? >> grant:an easy lesson learned here: >> grant:don't steal.and you won't find youself getting pummeled.street justice style. >> grant:this is the now viral video showing store owner min lou and three other guys.confronting three men and a woman who reporetdly stole a big bottle of vodka from lou's houston liquor store. >> grant:here's the surveillance video of some fo the suspects walking in the store. >> grant:the owner ran after them.wrestling away their keys so they couldn't drive away.then a store manager from the strip mall.and two other good samaratins.jumped in and helped out. >> grant:for the liquor store owner.this was personal. >> grant:in the end.
5:38 pm
"superman" shane.a former bouncer and bounty hunter. and his buddies took down 2 of the suspects. until the cops arrived. the other 2 got away. >> grant:no word on if anyone is this incident. >> pam:coming up. drama inside the playboy mansion. >> pam:we will tell you who is accusing huge heffner of verbal abuse and playing mind games. and next. >> pam:a bay area top grad who is headed straight to the top. >> pam:on wall street. the markets closed higher, building on yesterday's big gain. traders are upbeat about a pickup in retail sales last month. >> pam:the dow gained 38 points.
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>> pam: some bay area high school students are proving hard work and dedication do pay off. we've been showing you the cream of the crop of the class of 2015 right here on kron 4 news. >> pam:now, kron 4's justine waldman introduces us to a top grad in marinwho is headed straight to the top. >>blink and you'll miss nassim kabbara sprinting by. >>the newly minted graduate of san rafael high school is a star on the track. he placed 19th in the state in the 1600 meter race. >>he's always ahead of the pack but constantly looking back to help others like his younger brother.
5:42 pm
>> i just kept giving his my tips and saw him improving and as well as my other teammates and i just felt so happy running >> reporter:fast on the field and excelling in the classroom. nassim took multiple advanced classes. and will leave with a 4.43 gpa out of 5. >> couldn't take aps until junior year so it could have been a little higher >> reporter:his engineering teacher is not surprised to be talking about nassim's success. >> just an incredibly positive individual who brings a lot of engery to the classroom. >>of yearbooks >> reporter:nassim made lots of memories while a bull dog. he started a running club, was a senior advisor to freshman and treasure of an environmental club. >> reporter:he's a born leader. cover sot it really pleases me just to work with others and see them get better >> reporter:he'll be running track in college too. his major is chemical engineering >> reporter:what he wants to do when he grows-up--- improve the environment and better the world.
5:43 pm
>> hopefully i will be at the forefront of new technology >> keep an eye on him he is going to be one of our future leaders >> reporter:better keep those shades on nassim your future is bright. in san rafael justine waldman kron 4 news. >> diane:
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>> grant: empires make a mistake. torrey said if the magic words and then he was tossed. his manager came up to defend them and then he was tossed and now you have to. ticking off some of his protection throws them brett and that he is getting
5:47 pm
out of here. he does not need the jersey. we will see this for years to come for it the empire is like yes i did make that call. who would have to pick it up? the bad boy. --the bat boy shoulder with a 90 mph his bat in frustration and exchanges words with tehran as he walks down the first base line. jordan baker home plate umpire, gets himself between kemp and tehran as tempers flare and both benches clear. baker appears to throw kemp to the ground, but the braves announcers believe that baker just slipped on the grass while trying to hold kemp back. baker escorts... >> grant: kemp down to first
5:48 pm
base. no punches were thrown in the scrum >> pam: former playboy playmate and hugh hefner's former girlfriend holly madison is now revealing what she says really happened behind those legendary walls at the playboy mansion. >> pam: the insider's keltie knight is in los angeles with all the details. >> pam: >> reporter:pam, in her new memoir. allegations of verbal abuse. >> reporter:drugs. and mind- games by hef who holly claims is a master manipulator! >>so mama hood looks good on you holly thank you i love it >> reporter:this is holly. happy. married. and a mama to rainbow, now 2. >> im hef's number one girlfriend love you love you >> reporter:and this is
5:49 pm
holly as one of hef's girls. the subject of her memoir "down the rabbit hole" >> there were cat fights/ >> hef was very controlling >> reporter:us weekly on stands now, with an early look at those dirty details from inside the playboy mansion >>1:02:43 some of the most shocking things in teh book, holly alleges she was offered drugs althought she didnt take them, she also talks about her sex life with hef/she didnt get along with the other girls especially kendra >> reporter:when she first met hef back in 2001, holly was his persistence >>and he goes i love you sweetie by and i thought wow hes a fast mover but i liked it usually you cant see a guy say i love you in the first year >> reporter:she moved into the mansion and quickly became one of hef's rotating group of girlfriends, available for parties, photo opps and. hef. >>were invited up to the bedroom where they could partake in a lot of sexual activities there were a lof of rituals/taking baths together >> reporter:.she writes that behind the scenes was fraught with tension. we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4
5:50 pm
news, i'm louis aguirre back to you pam. >> pam:you can watch all your celebrity news here on kron-4. after the insider -- entertainment tonight airs at 7:30. followed by kron 4 news at eight >> diane: 90 for livermore and 86 for plaza tan brick with the mid 7 for the east bay shoreline. 674 san francisco. and 69 for daly city. >> diane: pettifog like you saw today. otherwise sunny for the rest of the morning. you cannot say that i did not warn you that it would be cut tomorrow. out of the system m b have high pressure systems in place. giving us a chance to heat
5:51 pm
things up. overall sunning in daly city. and some francisco 77 degrees. --san francisco 77 102 brentwood 99 livermore and danville. >> diane: over to the north bay things are warmer there as well what 914 sonoma and 96. for one day. with a cooling trend for the weekend.
5:52 pm
>> stanley: 10 at x you a question? i will explain in the next addition of people behaving badly.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley:ok let's watch this white honda. the driver is already in jeopardy of getting multiple fairly pricy tickets but will also be forced to travel across the bay bridge >> stanley:all due to the simple fact that the driver ignored the signs. one of the signs in question is this do not enter sign located on folsom and fremont streets in san francisco. right next to the traffic signal >> stanley:i say ignored
5:56 pm
because if you see the traffic signal you would assume the driver would also see the red and white do not enter except for buses and taxi's sign now remember i did say signs , that's because there are these black and whit right turn only and this no left turn sign >> stanley:so not only are many drivers turning left illegally if i may add that in fact the passenger of this truck asked me what was i looking for i said people behaving badly he laughed >> stanley:nats: can i ask you a quick question which way are you going im going second your going to go to second alright im just curious >> stanley:for the recored this lane is a transit only lane so that public transit can quickly is not for uber or lyft or limos it's for buses and taxis >> stanley:it's also not for city issues vehicles, and no you are not permitted to make a left or a right or for that matter a u-turn at first andwhich brings us back to the driver of the white honda who is now faced with a brand new trio of do not enter signs because now folsom is now one way in the opposing direction >> stanley:so the driver is forced on the dedicated transit lane and on the bay bridge wgere the nearest turn around would be treasure island the fine for ignoring the
5:57 pm
reglatory signs is about 367 dollars s but the fine for driving in a restricted lane could set you back a whopping 648 dollars >> stanley:my advice read the signs and follow them because reading is free roberts kron 4 news >> pam: coming up at six: >> pam: the teenagers accused of killing a bethel high student last month in vallejo have an important court date. >> pam: tonight: the victim's mother is speaking to kron-4. >> pam: and find out why some employees are calling one of silicon valley's biggest companies a "bad apple.". to say for his staff. >> pam: stick around! the news -- at six -- is next.
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>>.that's why i'm here >> pam: warriors fans.loud and proud tonight as the team looks to leave cleveland with a win in game four of the nba finals. >> pam: good evening i'm pam moore. tipoff is just minutes away from quicken loans arena. >> pam: golden state.hoping to shut down lebron james and even up the series at two games apiece. kron 4's jr stone is live outside "the q" in >> pam: he spoke with the players ahead of tonight's game.jr? >> reporter: earliest 1000 people out here really the team on. we talk about the basketball team's. i spoke with coach occur at a number of the players for the last two days after we have been in this situation before specifically against methods
6:00 pm
and were down 2-1 in the series. and we came back and won three straight and they believe that they can do that today. talking to coach car and he is keeping them loose. >> reporter: distil like a do or die game tonight? >> no, not a do-or-die game as if you have three losses. you come out and play to win. >> i am going to say go get them tiger? you can do this?! if you put your mind to it we can do this, let's keep the faith! >> reporter: you heard him there. having fun with some of the media. the fact is they do realize the importance of this game. keep in mind no one has gone
6:01 pm
to when it hit the finals if there are three down. that is how important it is to take the series back. and it will be a lockout on here in cleveland. --a loud one here in cleveland. >> pam: kron 4's will tran continues our coverage tonight. he caught up with warriors fans.optimistic golden state win. >> you had told me this before the season's start and would have to take that. >> reporter: he has the cavaliers exactly where he wants them. the warriors could have on games 2 and 3. after tuesday's loss they
6:02 pm
knew exactly where they want to go and how quickly they need to get there. >> people are waving their rally will read in your face. --rally rags >> fans have been nice for the most part except for that guy. >> reporter: in cleveland will tran kron4news >> grant:our finals coverage continues. with a closer look at delly.cleveland guard matthew delavadova.
6:03 pm
>> grant:the austrailian who played his college ball at st mary's in moraga. he's become one of the biggest story lines of this finals.since the cavs star kyrie irving got's stepped in and played remarkably well in cleveland's game three win tuesday. >> grant:he scored 20 points.and got almost evey loose ball. >> it is fun and exciting to see something like this happen to a great guy. and that that people under estimate. everyone in our program of former players players that play with him brett we are proud of him for it he is loved.
6:04 pm
>> grant: he has this ritual where he drinks a ton of coffee might before and after the game. but he will not do it this time. >> grant:our warriors coverage continues online. >> grant:on our website.a look at the watch parties happening in the bay area warriors fans representing in cleveland and a colorful array of fan photos. >> grant: >> grant: >> pam: only on four. >> pam: the grieving mother of a vallejo teen killed near his high school attended a hearing today for the two suspects charged with his murder. >> pam: max rusk was gunned down on a trail behind jesse
6:05 pm
bethel high school last month. jamie rusk, max's mother says she is having a difficult time picking up the pieces and moving on with her life. >>.my baby's here. >> pam: rusk says she has not heard from the families of the two suspects.despite seeing them in court. she is overwhelmed with grief.but she says she will be at every court hearing as the case unfolds. >> catherine: major developments in the police beating of a salinas man last week. an incident that was caught on cell phone video. >> catherine: the salinas police chief has now confirmed that the monterey county d-a will investigate. the question - whether the officers who beat the man with batons were using excessive force. >> catherine: the case has received national attention. jose velasco was in court today -- in connection to an unrelated parole violation. >> catherine: also today -- one of the people who called 911 june 5th -- is talking
6:06 pm
to reporters. she's not releasing her last name. >> catherine: she supports the police -- saying she saw velasco struggling with a woman and putting public safety at risk. it later become clear the woman was his mother. >> did are struggling and tossing heart and two and bomb traffic. he never let go out and continue to struggle back and forth. he tossed his mom and to incoming traffic he was battling to the end concord he continued to battle. >> investigate any criminal act. >> catherine: at a news conference today - police said the video of the beating is telling only a small part of the story. >> catherine: the identities of the officers involved are notthey're concerned for their safety because of velasco" "substantial gang ties." >> catherine: police played
6:07 pm
15 calls made to police dispatch the day of the beating. other callers also described velasco as screaming jumping on cars and beating up a woman. >> catherine: his mother has claimed he has mental problems. >> pam: new developments in the case of tamir rice. he's the 12-year-old boy shot and killed by cleveland police last november.while the boy was holding a pellet gun. >> pam: prosecutors are considering charges against the two officers involved. but a group of activists are asking a judge to directly file murder charges based on probable cause. >> pam: the cleveland police union have come out against the move by the activists. last week, officers turned its investigation into the incident over to prosecutors. >> pam: >> reporter: take a look at that showing blue skies and with a few clubs and the atmosphere and temperature still in the '90s for most of the inland locations with concord at 86 and santa rosa at 83. san jose as 78 as
6:08 pm
well >> diane: it will warm up into the '90s in most cases and 100 for one location. i would talk about how hot it will get tomorrow and the 7 day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> pam:
6:09 pm
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6:11 pm
's busiest streets. >> pam: grant is here with the push to close a portion of market street to cars.grant? . >> pam: still ahead. >> pam: with special needs. but it appears everyone is enjoying popular playground on the peninsula. >> pam: new at six. >> pam: the lifelong lessons kids are learning. plus.and drought shaming is on the rise here in california. >> pam: how fed up neighbors are spreading the word. >> grant: the taxis would
6:12 pm
and will bar is now in knowing robust customer base circulating a petition for their people to sign to stop this from happening. if they approve the change which is expected to do the new law will start in august. pam? >> pam: appears that everyone is enjoying a popular new playground. >> pam: dropped shimmy is on the rights here in california and how neighbors are spreading the word.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> pam:new tonight at six could the phenomenal success of a special new playground in palo alto designed for kids with special needs defeat it's purpose? >> pam:at first glance it
6:16 pm
would seem those special needs kids are being crowded out by other visitors, but as kron four's rob >> pam:fladeboe reports now the playground staff says it's up to the challenge. >> reporter:if you can't tell which of autistic or havez other special needs, you are not alone. the goal of palo alto's new and wildly playground was to create a place where nobody stands out and while that is a good thing, achieving that goal has led to some teaching moments >> * and check out may not have seen someone that is different maybe, if it is your turn you might want to say would you like to come first? i will wait until you are done. >> reporter:nothing succeeds like success. the playground is attracting big crowds every day. and kids will be kids but despite the competition, those with
6:17 pm
special needs are getting what they came aside from the ceaseless din of happy children, complaints are few and far between and the magical bridge will remain open to all. the concept not lost on visitors like jason leake and his two boys. >> is everyone ready? >> yes! >> reporter: aside from the crowd uc had eight children. and the magical bridge will remain open to all corporate the concept not lost on visitors like jason leake and his two boys.
6:18 pm
>> i am glad that they get a chance to play like everyone else. >> reporter:in palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news return to index >> pam: sugary sodas are being taken off the menu at the hospital cafeteria at san francisco general. >> pam: starting tomorrow sugar sweetened drinks will also be gone from hospital vending machines, gift shops and not offered with patient meals. >> pam: those behind the healthy beverage initiative say the beverages are linked to obesity and diseases like type two diabetes. >> pam: diet sodas, milk water and unadulterated fruit juice will be the only drinks available to both patients, visitors and staff >>"it's been well received by our staff because we want to model healthy eating and heathly lifestyles for our patients. i don't expect to get much resistance. >> pam: the no sugary drinks rule is also going to be followed by the food trucks and vendors outside on their campus. >> diane:
6:19 pm
>> grant:a new government study finds that underage drinking is on >> grant: is is video from vallejo the chip can see where we shut today with grass so green card repeat offenders face fines at $200. to check that all of the specifics you can head to our web site at >> grant: people are just driving on around town to see individuals who are excessively watering their lawns or watering during a rainstorm they would take pictures or video like this
6:20 pm
and post it to social media. the group says it just wants to teach people to conserve spirit and our drought coverage continues on line for it to show you how to reserve water at home inside the house. with a pretty cool interactive map. >> grant: it is all just a click away. >> diane: to nine clear light breeze tomorrow patchy f o g. mount temperatures and hot inland. we have been preparing for all week. an increase of temperatures near 100 close to the livermore area. we have the cloud cover to f o g in the
6:21 pm
morning. >> diane: less cloud and the atmosphere is this thing gives us time to warm things up seven eighties in the 9:00 or and by the alleged time a lot of rich coverage. indicating the upper 90s even close to 100 separate showing the close to 100 degree mark. in your 7 day forecast the ground it will be up next! >> pam: find out just how many accounts may have been compromised separate search dogs pick up the snow cent of two escaped convicts.
6:22 pm
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>> pam: big news on that recent hack of u-s federal employees. turns out it was much worse than first suspected. catherine heenan is here with the troubling details. >> catherine: we knew that millions of employees were affected -- at least four million current and former federal workers. >> catherine: but now a union representative says it's much worse than the white house has acknowledged. >> catherine: he says every single federal employee has lost information. and the list of what the hackers got -- seems to cover everything. >> catherine: we're talking about military records -- veterans' status information. addresses, birth dates, job and pay history - even details on health and life insurance. >> catherine: that's aside from age, gender and race. blame is being focused on the chinese -- although the chinese government has denied it. >> catherine: much more news ahead at 6-30.including the intense manhunt underway in new york for two inmates.still on the loose. >> pam: plus, >> pam: big news in the tech world.twitter's ceo is stepping down. and experts weigh in on if the bay area is in store for a wet winter.
6:26 pm
>> diane: we had warm temperatures today and clouds are moving and the cannot let that fool you because we have hot temperatures coming up! my name is marcus jenkins. i'm a lineman here in oakland. day in, day out, a large part of what we do is about providing reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home.
6:27 pm
this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
6:28 pm
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6:30 pm
>> reporter: drawing huge crowds across the bay area. the concern of the special needs children may be crowded out. but they are up
6:31 pm
to the challenge to take the benefit of the opportunity to educate all the visitors for this part of being for everyone. >> reporter: francisco general hospital will stop serving as selling sugary drinks starting friday as a part of their help the initiative. everything but milk indicted soda and water. from their bidding machines. and a gift shops. --vending. as it plays dedicated to healing they will like to stop serving the sugary drinks. >> catherine: those two escaped killers are still on the loose in upstate new york. the woman suspected of helping them - is denying she was motivated by love. >> catherine: ze of catwalks, tunnels and sewer pipes to a manhoe about one block outside the prison walls. >> catherine: they apparently believed mitchell would be waiting their in a car. instead, the 51 year old
6:32 pm
wife and mother was in a local hospital being treated for a panic attack. >> catherine: the two men were on their own. and authorities now believe they didn't get far. >> catherine: search dogs picked up a scent in a heavily wooded area just a few miles away. >> have well over 500 personnel and the region locally trekking the lead. >> catherine: day in local high school was closed and neighbors were warned to lock their doors and stay inside. sources say that the one it is cooperating with authorities and admitted that one of the escapees and make her feel special. >> she befriended some of the inmates and may have had some sort of role and
6:33 pm
this. >> this is a sexual attraction to someone who has committed a terribly albright just at cured-- outrageous act >> she cheated on her first husband and she likes the wild side of people she is not as an asset as she looks says her brother-in-law. >> diane: here is what the rest of the night look for at 8:00 p.m. mostly clear skies. and by 10:00 p.m. clear night. by 7:00 a.m. parley cloudy skies and patchy f o g. the hike tomorrow hot destination
6:34 pm
plant brownwood at 102 concord 100 and antioch 103. walnut creek for '94. at pleasanton at 94 degrees. >> diane: 70 a degree san leandro, the need for richmond and east bay and south bay area's with 89 for campbell and cupertino. the north bay region mild in warm up there as well. >> diane: are going to have the heat in place for one day. overall, sunshine will last you even through midweek. temperatures in the '90s with a cool down for next week. >> pam: the united states got a record-setting amount of rain in may. an average of four-point-36 inches of precipitation fell on the contiguous united states in the month. >> pam: that's the most in
6:35 pm
the 121 years that records have been kept. it beat the old record by point-07 inches. >> pam: three states -- colorado oklahoma and texas -- also set record totals for rainfall in may. >> pam: in oklahoma and texas, where flooding killed dozens, precipitation was almost two times the average and the most in any month ever. >> pam: in recent weeks california has recieved some unusual late season showers. some people are wondering if the weather phenomenon known as el nino could be responsible. >> pam: kron 4's charles clifford explains what it could mean for california. >> reporter: it is really hard to say. >> reporter: thinking that a manual is not directly responsible for the storms and the midwest texas and here in california. but he think that an amount could play a supporting role. >> the atmosphere to do
6:36 pm
anything naturally anyway. >> reporter: computer model shows that becoming ill is getting strong art and makes the ground to the end of the year to it if that happens more rain and snow can be area of california especially the southern area. >> ads get better with a larger dl manual is. a lot of the computer models announcing it will certainly be in stronger event then what we saw that last winter. >> reporter: and saratoga rob fladeboe kron4 new spirit--kron4news >> pam: still ahead. "we're treated like >> pam: criminals" that's the complaint some apple employees claim.
6:37 pm
what the tech giant is doing to get to the bottom of this.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> pam: twitter c-e-o dick costolo is stepping down. >> pam: some investors had called for costolo to resign after first quarter of this year. >> pam: twitter co-founder jack dorsey will be serving as interim-c-e-o effective july first. >> pam: the company also announced the formation of a search committee for a c-e-o during the transition. >> pam: meantime.costolo will remain on the board. >> catherine: recently released e-mails so rosy at apple stores. in fact -- some employees claim they're being treated like "criminals." >> catherine: the information is part of 2013 class action lawsuit against apple. >> catherine: at least two employees e-mailed ceo tim cook directly
6:41 pm
>> catherine: of searching workers' bags as a security measure. that's not necessarily unusual -- but e-mails said they sometimes waited as long as 30 minutes to get their bags checked -- on their own time. >> catherine: and it often happened in front of customers. cook is said to have forwarded the e-mail to retail and human resources executives asking "is this true?" >> catherine: a human resources employee reportedly responded that it should be done in a more respectful way. >> catherine: a hearing is planned in the case july 2nd. return to ----------------------------
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> reporter:welcome back everyone. >> reporter:let's not waste any time. >> reporter:warriors-cavs
6:45 pm
game 4. return >> reporter: the team is more aggressive corporate their first lead of the series since game 2% it was 18 years ago that michael jordan turned in one of the great performances in nba finals history >> reporter:sick with the flu.jordan dropped 38 points on the jazz in game 5 of the '97 finals to lead the bulls to the win and a 3-2 series lead.jordan and the bulls would win their 5th title a few days later back in chicago. >> reporter:the game became known as "the flu game" >> reporter:such a big moment in jordan's career that the shoes he wore in that game sold a few years ago for $105,000
6:46 pm
>> reporter: yes is going to splash right and a woman's cup eckardt i do not think she ended up with the ball. that is too bad. >> reporter: lee barnes will make some outstanding plays. look at the horizontal! the diving catch by burns. he was not done yet corporate-- he was not done yet. >> reporter:no run! >> reporter: he wil twist and turn. >> reporter: two outstanding
6:47 pm
pitches by burns >> reporter:a's up 3-0 >> reporter:vwalk off win! >> reporter:the giants co ncluded their game in the big apple >> reporter: checkup the giants fans in new york. with the california flag and all. curtis grant a san and hunter strickland
6:48 pm
>> reporter: that is where we stand tied at 4 and the eighth inning. >> reporter: slams his back down not happy. takes issue with the bad slam i think he is trying to say he did not try to hit him. tackles cap to the ground to prevent any further action by both teams. below pushing and shoving creek by the way the padre's did win. 6-4 >> reporter: of what it is back with his 18th season he is planning safety now under a new head coach. >> ticket is the last couple of years i have been here when whatever the difference
6:49 pm
is comes in, it feels good and i welcome it hit i still feel that i can get better. even with the being my 18th year. >> reporter: he has been to every single voluntary and involuntary camp. he is blind man and switching from quarterback to safety creek so we will see how charles wilson does corporate--how charles woodson does >> reporter: the fight gross $6 million most of the 600 million came from the pay-per-view buys. -- mayweather fight ...600
6:50 pm
million dollars. >> reporter: that will bring this to the forbes list of highest-paid athletes. after one bite. --after one fight pacquiao 2nd place >> reporter: will keep updating you on kron4. with regard to that game. dp >> reporter: g a championship at the 12th hole 17 year old brett anderson of canada with a great approach read up their nearly hold it out.
6:51 pm
short eagle putt for it henderson, salt shot a 667. >> reporter: check out the shot at the senior players championship and belmont messages. --massachusettes (cheers & applause) >> reporter: priggish shot. >> reporter: pretty good shot >> reporter: grant, would you have? >> reporter:41-30 dubs >> reporter: monitor that, pam and we will update to throw the ninth corporate
6:52 pm
>> pam: dianne is back with a forecast expansion (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music) introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen.
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>> stanley: people behaving badly! tonight at 8. >> pam: bart service will cut down shut down between the coliseum in for bill station creek will be shut down all day saturday for critical track may print it rich will be put in place as the trains will run 20 a ton
6:56 pm
for game 5 on sunday approved at the oracle a renowned corporate warriors fans attending the game are encouraged to take bart part that we do now have to worry about parking. >> pam: dan is back and she said is quan to be really hot this week. --hot >> diane: it is like to be higher tomorrow creek less clout in the sky so where your son and tan lotion print >> diane: again drink plenty of water and sunscreen. >> pam: check on those that are elderly that may need assistance. and do not leave your children in the car. >> pam: can always stay in
6:57 pm
touch with kron4 that concord thank you everyone. .....
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. the tabloids. >> a new duggar family emergency. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> inside the 9-1-1 call as child services is denied access into their arkansas compound. >> we have to see the child to make sure the child is all right. >> the family's show's questionable future, what else do the duggar haves to lose? >> there's rumors of a spinoff show. >> family that happens to be on tv. plus, bradley hiring leo's lawyer. why the "american sniper" is gunning for o >> he wants the right to a private life. >> and the super model in the middle of it all. playboy's girl next door kisses and tells everything.
7:00 pm
the playboy bunny blowing the roof off hef's mansion. >> hard, mean, chauvinist. >> taking baths together. >> whoa he's a fast mover! now hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo. we are inside holly madison's playboy mansion hell. this is the "us weekly" headline and the story everybody is talking about today. chelsea is a personal friend who is kissing and telling it all. hello, welcome to "the insider." the former number one girl next door accusing the playboy founder of verbal abuse mind games and payout. >> that's just scratching the surface. we get to that but another blow for the duggar family as the sisters make a return to social media. does the newly exposed 9-1-1 call reveal the length the family went to to cover up the identity of josh's victims? >> tell me exactly what happened. >> we're out here.


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